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Cultivating Curiosity

In Collaborative Practice, we have to manage the financial, practical and deeply emotional aspects of separation in order to help our clients reach workable and meaningful agreement.  Our clients are often strongly defensive and feel challenged in ways that threaten their very identities. Their behavior can seem demanding, [...]

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I'm Just Trying to Help!! Managing Resistance to CP

Collaborative Professionals offer guidance, advocacy, and support to clients when their world is falling apart.  We offer an excellent product, delivered by highly skilled professionals with really good intentions.  We know the dark side of divorce and are motivated to steer families away from the destructive forces [...]

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The Authentic Professional Podcast Parenting and Lawyering

Have you ever wanted to feel more integrated in your personal and professiona life? In this episode of The Authentic Professional Podcast, Jacinta interviews lawyers and parents, Robin Aitken and Sean Corcoran.

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