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Summer Sessions for Collaborative Professionals
July 28 - August 2, 2016
Our excellent collaborative practice training team is offering

Taking the Guesswork out of Conflict
Adult Attachment Style during Relationship Breakdown – a Roadmap for Collaborative Professionals

with Yuval Berger and Lisa Alexander, July 29 & 29, 2016

Interest-Based Negotiation for Collaborative Professionals
with Jacinta Gallant, August 1 & 2, 2016

FLOW Method: Tai Chi Tactics for Better Communication
with Harmony Wagner, July 30, 2016

July 28 & 29, 2016
Taking the Guesswork out of Conflict
Trainers: Yuval Berger and Lisa Alexander

Adult Attachment Style during Relationship Breakdown – a Roadmap for Collaborative Professionals

Do you sometimes get a sense of déjà vu in your collaborative cases? Does it feel like the conversations and story arcs are eerily similar, even though the clients and facts are different? If so, you are noticing something real and important.

Each person has a distinct attachment style. Attachment is a special bond that grows out of our earliest relationship with a primary caregiver and carries with us into our intimate adult relationships. A person’s attachment system is soothed or activated in intimate relationships. And it goes without saying that the attachment system is activated during relationship breakdown. The saying ‘it takes two to tango’ takes on a whole new meaning! Wouldn’t it be helpful to know how each of the attachment styles interacts? Rather than reacting to client conflict, collaborative professionals can equip themselves with the necessary information to start planning ahead for what will inevitably come down the pike in terms of their own client’s reaction and the interactions between the spouses.

In this practical and intensive training, collaborative practitioners will learn the theory behind adult attachment styles and how attachment styles manifest during conflict and relationship breakdown. We will examine how spouses' individual attachment styles interact and delve into the specifics of how to both plan for and react to such interactions. Participants will leave this workshop with the skills and knowledge to predict client behavior during conflict, attend to and contain strong emotions, develop specific strategies to support families and plan team protocols for discussing and support families using an attachment perspective. Attendees will also learn about their own attachment styles and the interplay between their attachment style and that of their client and other collaborative colleagues. This workshop is intended as advanced training and is most appropriate for experienced collaborative professionals.

August 1 & 2, 2016
Keeping Interests on the Table
Trainer: Jacinta Gallant

Interest-Based Negotiation Skills for Collaborative Professionals

Collaborative Practice involves an “interest-based negotiation” facilitated by the Collaborative Professional Team. Each member of the professional team must understand the negotiation process and develop the necessary skills to help clients reach agreements that meet their unique needs. In this training, you will learn how to get underneath clients’ positions to identify their interests – their needs, concerns, hopes and fears. You will learn how to suspend your own judgment and focus on what matters to the clients, and how to be effectively work with interests to help clients find solutions that meet their needs.

This interactive and practical workshop will teach collaborative professionals the skills and process steps involved in an interest-based negotiation. You will learn how to engage with clients to gain a deeper understanding of their interests, and how to "keep the interests on the table” when moving through option generation. It is appropriate for new collaborative practitioners, or those who want to hone their skills in working with interests.

This training will provide 2-days (15 hours) of interest-based negotiation/collaborative skills training which can be credited towards the training requirements of most Collaborative Practice Groups.

July 30, 2016
FLOW Method - Tai Chi Tactics for Better Communication
Harmony Wagner

In this experiential and insightful one-day workshop, participants will dissect the anatomy of conflict and garner practical tools to improve listening skills, neutralize aggression and facilitate dialogue. By applying basic Tai Chi principles to the communication process, this presentation offers a new vantage on how to keep the conversation moving forward between opposing forces. Working from the tenet that continued flow is the basis of fruitful negotiation and the resolution of disputes, participants will gain new techniques to enhance perceptions and manifest outcomes when communication has become stuck. Using practical methods drawn from the ancient art of Tai Chi Chuan, this workshop introduces a new approach to establishing and maintaining the connections required to harmonize stress and collaborate.

Our Collaborative Trainers

Jacinta Gallant, B.A. LLB., Charlottetown, Canada

Jacinta is the host of the annual Summer Sessions for Collaborative Professionals. She is a collaborative lawyer, mediator and trainer living in Prince Edward island, Canada. “Never cut what can be untied” is the inspiration for Jacinta’s work, and “untangling knots” has been the focus of Jacinta’s highly successful collaborative and mediation practice. Jacinta is an engaging and energetic trainer in the local, national and international Collaborative Practice community. She loves the challenge of working with skilled professionals who want to deepen their skills to be more natural and authentic in practice. With a great sense of humour, and lots of experience from “lessons learned”, Jacinta offers collaborative training that will help you transform your practice.

Yuval Berger MSW, RSW, Vancouver Canada

A family therapist, divorce coach, child specialist and trainer. Yuval brings with him well over 20 years of clinical experience as a relationship and child therapist. Trained in the tradition of attachment theory, Yuval joined the Vancouver Collaborative group in 2002 and since then has been an active participant. Yuval is an associate of the Collaborative Center in Vancouver, which is a joint private venture of family lawyers and mental health professionals practicing Collaborative Process.
Yuval has taught basic, intermediate and advanced Interdisciplinary CP courses worldwide. He is on the Board of Directors of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

Lisa Alexander, B.A. LL.B, Vancouver, Canada

A Collaborative Lawyer, Mediator, and a trainer in both mediation and collaborative process.
Lisa is an experienced collaborative professional working actively in the multidisciplinary collaborative model. She has worked exclusively in the collaborative model since 2003 and limited her law practice to settlement based processes since that time. She is a founding member of the Collaborative Center in Vancouver and has taught basic, intermediate and advanced interdisciplinary collaborative process courses in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Israel. Lisa also teaches family mediation, family violence screening, negotiating and communication skills. Lisa is a former director and founding member of the British Columbia Collaborative Roster Society.

Harmony Wagner, R. Ac., Charlottetown, Canada

Harmony Wagner R.Ac, is a certified instructor with the North American Tang Shou Tao Association. With years of experience facilitating groups, Harmony has taught Chinese Internal Martial Arts, Qi Gong and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) across North America and in Asia. She runs a TCM clinical practice and Marram School of Internal Arts in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.


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